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January 2005
In this issue of The Quest:

1. The Quest Quote
2. The End of Multitasking Mama

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1. Quote:
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.  ~Anne Frank

2. The End of Multitasking Mama

It’s January. And this newsletter is very late. Intentionally late. It’s my “less-is-more” plan for 2005!  

I’ve made one resolution for the New Year. No diet plans. No financial goals. Just one doozie that will keep me busy…er, I mean, calm and relaxed all year: Learn how to “single-task”. And as it so happened, writing this newsletter at the crack of 2005 was simply not priority number one. Well done, Debs.

Single-tasking is not an easy job. In fact, I’ve always been one proud, do-it-all, organized, list-checking, kinda woman. Until, that is, about 10 months ago when AllConsuming Girl arrived on the scene to mess up the whole plan. And a mess, at times, I have been.

Not to say that as a confirmed multitasker I didn’t try to maintain my highly productive style of living (somebody has to mow the lawn with baby in the Bjorn, while calling the insurance guy on the cordless!) But there came a point, actually it was one seriously confused day, when I realized that my overly-efficient behavior had finally taken it’s toll on my brain synapses.

Although the details are still fuzzy, it was the final ten minutes of a ten-month long journey that ultimately led to my awakening.

The day started out as usual. Five minutes to get out of the house and I can’t find my keys. No problem. Looking in the most appropriate place, I open the fridge to find my hairdryer. Interesting. Feeling hunger pangs at the sight of cold soup, I throw the bowl in the microwave and continue to search. Unbeknownst to me, Brilliant Lady, staring at me from the ExerSaucer, is sending me a telepathic message that my keys are hanging out of my front pocket.

“Babies sure are cute. Too bad they aren’t too bright,” I mused. “Gosh I’m hungry.”

Opening the fridge, I lean over to look in the crisper and my keys hit the floor. Back on track. Microwave dings. Mental note: call Sears to get the timer fixed on microwave oven—it keeps dinging for no reason.

Ready to tackle the day. Stroller, dog, bills, wallet, pants (I’m not that crazy—but I do make it a habit to check), keys, baby paraphernalia, helmet (don’t ask) …one trip, two trips, three trips, done. With all this exercise, it’s no wonder I’m still hungry after two meals.

Lock up. Pack up. Strap in. Seal down. I operate like a well oiled-machine, all while I entertain the team by singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” – rap style. I back out of the garage, slowly. Check TravelGirl in the “Bear View Mirror”.

And Screech!

All I could see was my hairy-bellied pooch, lazily reclined in the car seat. The five-point safety harness perfectly aligned across his chest, his eyes lit up with anticipation for the ride of his life. And there it was: the end of Multitasking Mom.

Tail between my own legs, I returned to the house. Miss Lovely was patiently waiting for me to ditch my all-day errands and join her on the floor for a game of You’re Looking at Me Funny—a guaranteed giggle fest! Perhaps there’s more behind those saucer-sized eyes and Churchill-like cheeks? Could it be hunger? No, that’s me.

From that day forth I have attempted to do one thing at a time. If I want to experience my life, to be witness to it, to be the mother that I want to be, I need to live in the moment—present and focused—not rushing through and overlapping each task in order to complete the next.

I’m proud to say that to date, I’ve accomplished three things:

1) When I’m eating, I’m not simultaneously checking email.
2) When I’m reading to Curious One, I’m not answering the phone.
And most importantly,
3) When I’m sleeping, don’t even think of interrupting me, I’m unbreakable.

If less is truly more, then for 2005 I am striving for absolutely nothing—beyond this very moment. Got to run. Fussy Girl needs me. Now!

No one said it would be easy…wish me luck. And wishing all of you a healthy, happy 2005!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *