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December ~ 2003

In this issue of The Quest:

The Holiday Issue

1. The Quest Quote
2. Article~ What do you really need this holiday season?
3. Trim Your Plate~ Tips on trimming holiday meal calories
4. News~ The Stork is on it’s way!

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1. Quote:
Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things are.  Joy is not necessarily what happens when things unfold according to our plans. ~Marianne Williamson in “A Woman's Worth”

2. Article:

During the holiday season, we often assume that stress, overspending and in particular, gaining weight, is inevitable. If you adopt this attitude, it’s very easy to see why the number one New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight. It doesn’t have to be like this. Sit for a minute and think about what expectations you have of yourself during the holidays. Do you have family pressures, financial stress, time constraints? Do you feel alone and left out? What seems to fall to the wayside during the month? Your trips to the gym? Quiet time by yourself? Sane driving? Healthy eating? Time for self-care?

Our expectations of the holidays often lead to frustration and disappointment, but you have the power to decide how you want this season to unfold. See if you can redefine what is important to you in order to really enjoy yourself this time of year… then get rid of all the other expectations and pressures. Who says you have to do, do, do? Who says you must spend time and money in the malls? By adopting a new attitude, perhaps the busiest time of year can instead be a healthy, calm and joyous one.

Above all else, remember to feed your spirit.
With all the commercialism, it's easy to forget this aspect of the season. Just as you may feel hungry sometimes when in fact you are actually thirsty, you may find yourself over indulging in food, instead of feeding your spirit. As the saying goes, “You can never get enough of what you don’t really need.” Define what spirit means to you during this time of year. Maybe it's the joy you experience from being with friends and family or spending an afternoon, walking on your own, enjoying the lights of your neighborhood, or just sending out a few greeting cards to people you care about. Beneath the sparkle of the holidays, spirit, for me, is when I am simply reminded of the abundance in my life and that the world can indeed be a good place.

Wishing all of you a peaceful end to 2003.


3. Trim Your Plate:

Trim your holiday calories while you trim the tree!

A Sample of a Traditional Holiday Meal

Holiday Goody




Roasted Turkey – 6 ounces dark and white meat, untrimmed


Roasted Turkey – 3 ounces white meat – trimmed (no skin, no fat).  White meat contains a little less calories than dark.  Add 30 more calories if you prefer dark meat


1 cup of home made stuffing


cup of boxed stuffing prepared


1 cup of giblet gravy


cup of mashed potatoes prepared with skimmed milk, no calorie refrigerated butter spray


Stuffed celery (one stick)


1 stick of stuffed celery prepared with reduced fat cream cheese


2 sweet pickles, 10 black/green olives


2 black olives, w green olives


1 cup of candied sweet potatoes


baked sweet potato with small pat of butter, dash of cinnamon


cup of cranberry sauce


1/6 can of cranberry sauce – jellied or whole cranberries


2 rolls with butter


1 roll with pat of butter


1 cup of English peas with butter


cup of English peas with refrigerated no calorie butter spray


1 slice of pumpkin pie with topping


1 slice of autumn pumpkin pie


1 slice of pecan pie


1 cup of fruit salad


1 cup of egg nog


1 cup of non-fat egg nog






4. News

Big Belly News, that is.
I am 7 months pregnant and feeling great! In fact, I’m getting poked in the ribs as I write this. It’s been wild watching the changes in my body over the past few months and I’m excited to share more news with you…as well as hear your stories during this incredible time. *Ouch*…that one was a hard kick J

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The Quest for Peace, Love & a 24-Inch Waist

Please submit your comments or questions by replying to this email at deborah@deborahlow.com, I look forward to your feedback.