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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The Quest, a newsletter intended to inspire and inform those interested in experiencing optimal well being in body, mind and spirit. For archived newsletters and more information, please see my website at www.deborahlow.com. Please update your bookmarks as I’ve changed servers.

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September 2003

In this issue of The Quest:

1. The Quest Quote
2. The Quest Question
3. Did you know? Women and Heart Attacks
4. Now that’s roughage!
5. News!

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I felt that these two simple, yet wonderful quotes from Einstein complimented each other…so this month, you get both.

Every age has its beautiful moments. ~ Albert Einstein

A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future. ~ Albert Einstein

Take a moment to recognize the luxury of this very moment.

2. Question:

After years of trying to lose weight and to accept the person in the mirror, I feel as if I’ve finally arrived. I’m far from perfect but I eat well most of the time, make an effort to be active most weekdays and know that above all else, health and happiness comes first. But lately I’ve noticed that my partner has really let his body and health go…downhill. I have been so consumed with my own appearance over the years, that I didn’t realize until just recently how much junk food he consumes and he is rarely ever active. I keep telling him that he is damaging his long-term health and that his appearance has really deteriorated yet he doesn’t seem to care. It’s really starting to bug me. How do I get him to ‘go my way’?  Tracey, submitted via email


In a nutshell, you don’t. Of course Tracey, your intentions are wonderful. You want your partner (friend, co-worker, family member, whomever) to experience the same incredible perks of being healthier, more fit and at peace with themselves that you have worked so hard to achieve. But let me ask you: when you were struggling to lose weight and improve your lifestyle, would it have helped to have someone point out where you were failing? Would you have felt inspired to exercise if your ‘supportive’ partner pointed out the imperfection of your thighs? As humans, using negative comments in an attempt to motivate does not work over the long term.   Neither does nagging, lecturing, forcing—in fact, it’s not even fun to be the one administering the punishment.

So what do you do? Quietly lead by example. Invite him along on your workouts, ask him to join you in eating foods that you’ve prepared, live your own life in an inspiring manner and don’t be disappointed or passively angry if he doesn’t choose your path immediately. It took a long time for you to get where you are today, and the main ingredients you afforded yourself in those challenging times were tolerance and love. Give him some time. As Aldous Huxley said, “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”

3. Did you know? Women and Heart Attacks

When it comes to heart attack symptoms, women tend to have more subtle symptoms than men -- too often leading them to delay (or worse, ignore) seeking emergency treatment. Research also shows that many physicians don't always recognize heart attack warning systems in women. As a result, doctors order fewer diagnostic tests or treat them less aggressively.

What are classic symptoms? These include chest pain that can radiate to the arms, neck, or jaw. Other related symptoms may include breathlessness, lightheadedness, sweating, and nausea. As noted, women's symptoms may be less intense. A sensation of indigestion associated with lightheadedness or nausea could be misunderstood as the flu or stress. Also, women may be more likely to have back or abdominal pain -- or swelling in the lower legs and ankles. If you think you have any of these warning signals, seek immediate medical attention. ~ Tip from Dr. Weil

4. Fiber Folly:
Most kid's breakfast cereals have over 50% of their calories as sugar. The good news is that the box is high in fiber.

5. News:
Deborah’s new publisher, Hyperion Books has now taken over the rights of ‘The Quest’, and her new edition of the book will be available in January 2004. If you would still like to purchase an original copy before then, please email me for discounted prices and shipping rates.

In addition, the book has just been published in Japanese. The publishing house in Japan has changed the title, most likely because the “34-24-34” idealized body image in North America has very little meaning to most Japanese women! The new title now translates to: "Learning to Love the Person in the Mirror" –how appropriate!

Please submit your comments or questions by replying to this email at deborah@deborahlow.com. I look forward to your feedback.

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The Quest for Peace, Love & a 24-Inch Waist

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